GØFEA - QRV on HF, VHF, UHF, FM, SSC, CW, Data, Digital D-Star, DMR, APRS, PSK, RTTY
GØFEA - QRV on HF, VHF, UHF, FM, SSC, CW, Data, Digital D-Star, DMR, APRS, PSK, RTTY

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Licensed since 1985 (G1LJX) and since 1986 with GØFEA.

QRV all bands 160m - 70cm QTHR & mobile. SSB, FM, CW, RTTY, Data modes.

Also active on D-Star and DMR digital modes (VHF & UHF).

EchoLink node - 3344.


Holder of Notice of Variation (NoV) to operate on 5MHz UK experimental use.


All QSL's answered via Buro.

Other call signs held:


GRØFEA - Special Temporary Call Sign (Royal Wedding 2011)

Operating between 29th April and the 9th May 2011 a NoV has been issued to a number of UK radio Amateurs to signify the marriage of H.R.H. Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton. 


 GQØFEA - Special Temporary Call Sign (Queens Diamond Jubilee 2012)

Operating between 5th May and the 10th June 2012 a NoV has been issued to mark the diamond jubilee of the accession of Her Majesty The Queen. 


GOØFEA - Special Temporary Call Sign (London Olympics & Paralympics 2012)

Operating between 21st July and the 9th September 2012 a NoV has been issued to mark the London 2012 Olympic and paralympic games. 

GB3RS - In my spare time I volunteer as an operator of the National Radio Center at Bletchley Park. 

The National Radio Centre is a showcase for radio communications technology and the main work station for the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).

The centre provides the opportunity to get “up close and personal” with the history and technology of radio communications. From the first inventors in the late 19th Century through to future radio developments, visitors will find films, interactive displays, hands on experiments and even the opportunity to “go on air” in our state of the art amateur radio station.

Visitors who hold an amateur radio licence are welcome to operate the station for a short while if circumstances permit. I look forward to meeting you should you decide to visit this excellent museum.

I am active on APRS on VHF and also on D-Star, which provides realtime tracking and data transfer, To view my APRS mobile station click on the logo below:

GØFEA (APRS via D-Star IC-2820)

GØFEA-5 (APRS via iPhone)

GØFEA-9 (APRS via 144.800MHz FM)

GØFEA-H (APRS via D-Star ID-51E)

Operating on D-Star via UK repeaters and my own local hotspot, click on the logo below to see when I was last transmitting on the D-Star network and via which repeater, hotspot or node.


GØFEA-B (433MHz DVmega hotspot)

GØFEA-C (144MHz GMSK hotspot)

Click on the logos below to see when I was last transmitting on the DMR networks and via which repeater, hotspot or node.

GØFEA (CC7 2352850)

Station Logbooks and Logging Software

I currently use Logger32 as my prefered logging software. It offers a vast array of functions and is compatable with several other pieces of software including my rorator driver.

As a backup to the main station log I upload my log files to the cloud based HAMLOG.EU. These are then displayed in real time below.

Main Station Logbook

Last 15 QSOs from HAMLOG.EU

Mobile Station Logbook


Last 15 QSOs from HAMLOG.EU

GB7PP  D-Star Repeater

GB7PP is one of two D-Star digital UHF repeater in the County of Suffolk. Originally set up in January 2015 by Peter Pryke (G8HUE) with assistance from Richard Vickerstaff (M1ADT) on the software side of the repeater. GB7PP operated in Ipswich with coverage to the town. 


In early July 2016 Peter discussed transfering the repeater ownership to me along with relocating the repeater.


On the 22nd July 2016 Ofcom issued me with the NoV transfering repeater keeper status to me.  On the 9th November 2016 the NoV which enabled the move of GB7PP  to Mendlesham, Mid-Suffolk in an attempt to increase it coverage across the County, was granted.


To help with the connectivity I have been assisted by Mark Jaggard (2E0TNG) who also donated the gateway computer.

Channel: DVU35

Input: 430.4375 MHz

Output: 439.4375 MHz

Output Power: 14 Watts (10 Watts ERP)

Gateway Controller: Icom RS-RP2c

UHF DV Repeater: Icom ID-RP4000V

Software: CentOS 5 Linux

Gateway Server: Dell Optiplex GX520

Internet connection: BT Broadband - 17Mb

GMSK Remote Switch : Belkn WeMo

Antenna: Diamond X-50N Vertical Collinear +7.2dB

Antenna Height: 10 meters AGL

Duplexer: Procom 6 Cavity UHF (-1db)


Coverage Map (Click for large scale)

D-Star Radio Settings to Access GB7PP



RPT1: GB7PP**B (* Indicates space)

RPT2: GB7PP**G (* Indicates space)

MYCALL: (Your own callsign)


You RX: 439.4375 MHz

You TX: 430.4375 MHz



GB7PP is part of the South Anglia Repeater Group

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We are located at:



United Kingdom

Lat  : 52,52 N 
Long  : 1,08 E 

Altitude : 175 ft/53 mtr ASL


IARU Locator : JOØ2mg
ITU Zone  : 27 (Region 1) 
CQ Zone  : 14 


WAB Square  : TM16
WAB Book  : 11912 
Rateable district  : Mid-Suffolk


Need to know your IARU locator? Click here


WAB Book: 11912

RAOTA: 2275

FISTS: 14042

CTC: 2131

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